Saturday, March 30, 2024

Tools and Technique in Molecular Biology

 One day workshop on "Tools and Techniques in Molecular Biology" was organised on 30th March 2024. 

Friday, March 29, 2024

Field Study at Joypur Rain Forest

       A field tour was made to Joypur Rain Forest on 20th March 2024 with four students, Principal Investigator, Co-Principal Investigator and Technical staff of Institutional Biotech Hub, Namrup College. The main purpose of this tour was to survey the area to be covered for two small research projects under the guidance and facilities of Biotech Hub and to collect sample for research purpose. 

Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Two days Faculty development programme


Teachers are key factors in transferring of knowledge and training from industry to learners and play crucial role in the development of human resources and infrastructure development of the country. Teachers make the future scenario of society and direct the future trends of the societal movements. Today’ students are the future of a country and these students are now in the hands of teachers’ guidance. A student follows what their teachers say. So, it is crucial to make the teachers top most enable person in the society who can transform the stagnant society into a dynamic and vibrant one. With these aims, Institutional Biotech Hub of Namrup College organized a two days faculty development for the teachers of senior secondary level teaching in science and mathematics.

         With response to this FDP a total of 60 numbers of teachers were joined in this 2-days programme. This is a huge movement of teachers who like to enable themselves in multiple dimension of teaching pedagogy and like to enhance their teaching skills in advance level. In this programme total 30 High and Higher Secondary schools under Joypur Development Block were participated and shared their innovative teaching practices.

        To Make this programme most effective and fruitful, we have designed a two days programme as follows-

Day I- (26-03-2024)

1.      Inaugural session (9.30am – 10.30am)

Introduction to Dignitaries

Objectives of the program by Dr. Jayanta Sonowal, Programme Convener

Inaugural and welcome speech by Dr. Durga Prasad Gogoi, Principal, Namrup College

Key note Speaker Dr. Samiron Bora, AES-1, Inspector of School, Dibrugarh

Vote of thanks by Dr. Ankur Nath, Programme Coordinator


2.      Tea Break (10.30am – 10.45 am)


3.      Technical session I-  (10.45 am- 12.30 pm)

Topic:  Necessary skills and Teaching aids required for Science Teaching in Senior Secondary Schools by Dr. Navajyoyi Konwar, Associate Professor, Dept. of Education & Special Education, AUSN, Arunachal Pradesh


4.      Lunch break (12.30 pm -01.00 pm)


6.      Technical session –II (1.00 pm – 2.30pm)

Topic: Physics for schools learners by Dr. Rituraj Dutta, Assistant Professor,  Dr. Ankur Nath Assistant Professor, Dept. of Physics, Namrup College


7.      Technical session –III (2.30 pm – 4.00pm)

Topic: Chemistry for schools learners by  Dr. Padma  Acharyya and Ms. Mouchumi Konwar, Associate Professors, Dept. of Chemistry, Namrup College

Day II- (27-03-2024)

8.      Technical session IV (9.30 am – 10.30am)

Topic:   Blog/mini website designing for schools & AI Tools for teaching-learning processes by Dr. Jayanta Sonowal, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Botany & Principal Investigator of Biotech Hub, Namrup College


9.      Tea Break (10.30am-10.45am)


10.  Technical session V (10.45am-12.30pm)

Topic:  Mathematics for schools Learners by Ms. Khusbu Agarwal, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Mathematics, Namrup College


11.  Lunch Break (12.30 pm- 01.00pm)


12.  Technical session VI (01.00pm-2.30pm)

            Topic: Biology for School learners Mr. Sajidur Rahman, Assistant Professor, Dept. of 

            Zoology and Ms. Kakoli Baruah, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Botany, Namrup College


13.  Discussion on innovative teaching practices used by school Teachers (2.30-03.00pm)


14.  Valedictory session (03.00 pm to 04.00pm)



The first day programme was started with a speech on the objectives of the FDP by Dr. Jayanta Sonowal, Principal Investigator, Institutional Biotech Hub. He highlighted the programme inside and its objective towards dissemination of scientific technology among the grass root level learners of different schools. Then programme was succeeded with welcome and inaugural speech delivered by Dr. Durga Prassad Gogoi, Principal, Namrup College.

a distinguish and renowned educator was invited.   Dr. Navajyoyi Konwar, Associate Professor, Dept. of Education & Special Education, AUSN, AP

Hands-on-Training on handling of laboratory equipment

 Hands-on-training on "Handling of Laboratory equipment was conducted on 04/03/2024

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Workshop on "Entrepreneurship in Aquarium Trade"

The Institutional Biotech Hub of Namrup College hosted a complimentary workshop titled "Entrepreneurship in Aquarium Trade" on February 20, 2024. Thirty-four attendees from neighboring villages and Namrup College participated in the event. Commencing at 10:15 a.m., Dr. Jayanta Sonowal, Coordinator of the Biotech Hub, delivered a brief speech outlining the workshop's objectives. Dr. Durga Prasad Gogoi, Principal of Namrup College, officially inaugurated the workshop.

The workshop aimed to enhance participants' technical competencies to foster local entrepreneurship in the Namrup area within the aquarium trade, thereby facilitating livelihood generation. To ensure the success of the program, Dr. Anurag Protim Das, Assistant Professor in the Department of Zoology at Gargaon College, was invited as an expert. Dr. Das delivered a comprehensive PowerPoint presentation, delving into aquarium culture and various ornamental fish species. Participants were introduced to local fish species abundant in the area, highlighting their commercial and economic potential. Subsequently, Dr. Das conducted a practical hands-on training session encompassing glass fitting, decoration, and the integration of various aquarium culture components, culminating in the creation of two aquarium sets in front of the participants.

The participants expressed satisfaction and provided valuable feedback on the workshop. Following lunch, a valedictory session was held at 3:00 p.m., during which certificates were distributed to the participants. The workshop concluded at 4:00 p.m. with a vote of thanks delivered by Mr. Sajidur Rahman, Co-Coordinator of the Biotech Hub.

Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Aquarium Trade

The Institutional Biotech Hub of Namrup College is going to organize a one-day workshop on ENTREPRENUERSHIP IN AQUARIUM TRADE on 20th February 2024. We invite applications from intending candidates to apply through advance registration. 

Last date of registration: 18/02/2024

Registration link: Register here

Maxmuim seat: 30

Monday, December 18, 2023

Two days free hands-on-training on Oyster Mushroom Cultivation

The Institutional Biotech Hub of Namrup College organized a two-day hands-on training session on Oyster Mushroom Cultivation from December 18th to 19th, 2023. A total of 33 participants joined the training program. 

Day I Programme (18-12-2023)

On the first day, the inaugural session was anchored by Mr. Sajidur Rahman, Co-Principal Investigator of the Biotech Hub and Assistant Professor of Zoology at Namrup College, starting promptly at 10:00 am. The program was inaugurated by Dr. Durga Prasad Gogoi, the Principal of Namrup College, who highlighted the historical background of the Institutional Biotech Hub sponsored by the Department of Biotechnology, Government of India. He commended the present Principal Investigator and his team for their efforts in organizing such a meaningful program for students and the local community.

Following this, Mr. Rupak Kr. Borgohain, Coordinator of IQAC and Assistant Professor & Head of the Sociology department at Namrup College, delivered a brief talk, expressing appreciation for the organizing team's efforts in conducting such an important training session that connects with livelihood generation for the youth of the region. The inaugural session then proceeded with a brief overview of the detailed program for the next two days by Dr. Jayanta Sonowal, Principal Investigator and Assistant Professor of Botany at Namrup College. The inaugural session concluded at 10:30 am with a vote of thanks from Mr. Sajidur Rahman.

The technical session commenced at 10:45 am. The first technical session, covering the basics of Oyster Mushroom, was conducted by Dr. Jayanta Sonowal. He elaborated on various aspects of Oyster mushrooms, emphasizing their importance and economic potential. The second session, also led by Dr. Jayanta Sonowal, focused on the cultivation practices of Oyster mushrooms and their commercial scope for livelihood upliftment, especially for local residents. From the third session onward, the training sessions included practical demonstrations covering all aspects of Oyster mushroom cultivation.

Day II Programme (19-12-2023)

The second day of the workshop commenced with a PowerPoint presentation led by Mr. Hijam Homendro Singh, the Head of Department of Zoology, focusing on mushrooms and their diverse varieties across Northeast India, along with their global demand. This was followed by a technical session covering the fundamental steps in mushroom cultivation, during which participants had the opportunity to engage in hands-on practice guided by Mr. Samiron Bhuyan, the Lab Assistant of Biotech Hub. The workshop concluded with a valediction session led by Dr. Sonowal, highlighting the necessary precautions for maintaining successful cultivation. Feedback was gathered from participants via feedback forms, allowing them to share their insights and benefits gained from the workshop. Certificates were distributed to each participant, and the event concluded with a vote of thanks delivered by Mr. Sajidur Rahman, Co-Principal Investigator and Assistant Professor of Zoology, Namrup College.

About 30 participants, including students and members of the nearby community, attended the workshop. Many women displayed notable enthusiasm for learning the entire process, sharing their experiences and expressing aspirations to establish mushroom businesses due to its minimal requirements and easy accessibility, facilitated by the workshop. Similarly, the students also showed keen interest. As a result of the workshop, a society named "Namrup Mushroom Growers Society" has been formed on the social media platform WhatsApp. This society aims to connect all mushroom growers, fostering communication, and facilitating their growth. Members will have access to traders and can seek assistance whenever necessary.

Tools and Technique in Molecular Biology

 One day workshop on "Tools and Techniques in Molecular Biology" was organised on 30th March 2024.